- The ND-100 is a compact and portable device, which allows you to carry a GPS receiver for use on your laptop whenever you travel
- The ND-100 requires no battery or cables, only your favorite NMEA compliant navigation software is all that’s needed to turn a laptop into a powerful navigation system
- Bring GPS to your netbook and mini Laptop with this USB GPS Dongle, Plug and Drive!
- By using your laptop its perfect if you want to use sat nav in a caravan, truck or even the car. Your netbook will have a larger screen than most sat nav making your drive a lot safer and easier to use
- Works with Windows, Mac and Linux O/S notebooks/laptops/netbooks/UMPCs. Also works with netbooks like the Asus Eee PC, Asus and Medion netbooks plus more!
- USB GPS Dongle receivers provide standard data for mapping software to use and convert to coordinates. Data from the ND-100 will work well with most software on the market today
- The ND-100 is WAAS/EGNOS capable. With your sat nav software this will give you accurate door to door navigation.
- The GPS requires an open, clear view of the sky. Buildings, covered parking areas, tunnels and dense foliage can cause the GPS receiver to be unable to get a location fix. If you are parked in a covered parking lot or near a tall building, it is recommended that you drive away until you have a clear view of the sky before using the ND-100. You may need to give the GPS a few minutes to find or get a fix at its location.
- The Satellite Navigation software can be used on a Linux system if you uses a Windows API for Linux, see www.winehq.org. You may have to compile a kernel to get this working with Linux which is only advised for advance users.
- Specifications:
- USB interface
- High GPS sensitivity: -161 dBm
- Built-in GPS antenna
- Support Microsoft® Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista, Macintosh OS 9/OS X, Linux 2.4/2.6 (USB to Serial: PL2303 Driver)
- GPS Chip: M-Star High sensitivity single chip solution
- Channels: 48 acquisition and 12 tracking
- Update rate: 1Hz
- USB interface: USB 2.0
- Baud rate: 38,400bps
- Power source: DC 5.0V, USB bus power
- Power consumption: - GPS antenna type: built-in ceramic patch antenna
- GPS status LED (blue color): Blinking – GPS position is fixed, Steady light – GPS position is not fixed,
- Protocol: NMEA 0183 v3, GGA (1 sec), GSA (1 sec), GSV (5 sec), RMC (1 sec), GLL, VTG is optional

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ND-100 GPS USB Dongle for Mini Laptop (Work with Street & Trips)

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